May I have your attention please !

May I have your attention please !

(It's the slim shady)

NO ! It's new server release !

Before give you more details about this new server let me announce you that MidGuard Network are going to take a big turn this year!
I've taken a person how are responsible for the backend's server, that's give me more time to offer to you new minecraft's experience !
Less time on the backend =

  • More contents release !
  • More Update on content released
  • More events on the different server of the network

With that comes the help of a new admin @Timiliris_420 like me, he wants to make live to minecraft by giving to
the player the best of what minecraft can offer !

With this new associations of power we have created a new server inside the Network!

I'm happy to present you ...

MidGuard Prominence II

This new server is based on the Prominence II [RPG] Modpack
where is a list of the main mod of this pack :

  • Create and addons
  • Astra
  • Better END
  • Better Nether
  • Botania
  • Applied Energetics 2
  • ...

And lot more mod for a lot of fun ! There is no less thant 7 planets how want to be explored !

At the start of this message the private beta for it will be open !

How to participate to the beta and what's come with ?

If you want to be part of the beta you just need to complete this BETA TESTER FORMS
You will receive your beta key trough mail or discord as you have chose in the forms.

Warning :
We keep the right to don't give access key for any reason it's not because you have done the forms you get the key, give of the key can be delay for many reason ( fixing server, max-player, ... ) in this case you will keep you informed on the discord!

When the public release ?

Depending on the number of playererror report during the beta it can take up to 1 week before be public release

What's come with be beta tester ?

By helping us to improve the server you get lifetime bonus and rank :

  • Rank beta tester
  • +8 homes
  • +32 chunk claim
  • +8 chunk force load
  • +1 starter kit ( you can take it 1 time by day during all the beta )
  • +1 coupon to use on the shop on any product (1 time use)
Written by Timiliris
1 month ago
May I have your attention please !
Written by Timiliris
1 month ago
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May I have your attention plea...

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