Survival+ Release coming soon!

Survival+ Release coming soon!

Suvival+ Release!

Midguard Network is a Minecraft server that offers a truly distinctive gaming experience. Our first vanilla server release has several features to make gameplay more enjoyable, Midguard Network is your one stop shop for everything semi-vanilla, modded and basic vanilla! We offer quite a few server types that are a work in progress, come and check out what we do

  • **Survival+ Server**
  • Economy
  • Chest Shops plugin so you can buy and sell items securely between players from your own base, or make a store!
  • Silktouch Spawners
  • Ranks (Voting and Paid)
  • PVP and PVE
  • Difficulty is set to Hard
  • Friendly community
  • Land Claims
  • Custom Items
  • Head Database plugin for all your decorating needs
  • 20k by 20k world
  • Auction House
  • Cosmetics/Pets/Mounts and more.

 Join us today!
 IP: play.midguardnetwork.net
  Website: https://MidguardNetwork.com
 Discord: https://discord.gg/mxbdzXxuu7

Written by Quigybobo
2 months ago
Survival+ Release coming soon!
Written by Quigybobo
2 months ago
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Survival+ Release coming soon!

Survival+ Our take on what Suvival+ Economy should be.

May I have your attention plea...

A new aera for Midguard Network

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